At every stage of life, irrespective our age and character we play, we face the problem. Problem could be of any type such as study problem, job problem, financial problem, relationship problems and so on. When we say “Problem” it says that we are stuck and lacking desired output. Dwelling in problem will lead to negative thoughts eventually demotivation and anger in you.

So why not to focus on solution instead problem. Here are few simple helping steps –

👉 Rework on Mind-set
Understand one thing, problems are nothing but the door to new opportunities. Avoid pushing yourself into the circle of demotivation and negativity by keep on thinking of problems again and again. Just have look at the problem, but do not invest your energy in thinking of problem rather start thinking of solution.

👉 What would be the ideal outcome?
After understanding the problem, think about the ideal outcome/ solution. Visualize yourself attempting the ideal outcome with resolving the problem and feel it for few moments.

👉 What would you need?
How did visualization go? During this visualization, what all things you have experienced? Make list of all the resources that would need for this solution. Check if you need any helping hand to solve the problem. It’s Okay to ask for help.

👉 Prepare the plan
Now you know what all you need to solve your problem. Check on- from where you can get the desired resources or who can help you in this situation. List down the action items and get ready with your action plan.

👉 Start working
It’s time to start working. You have successfully changed your mind-set. All your energy now need to be focused on the solution helping you to achieve the desired outcome.
It may happen that you may again face the problems during the process, but know you know how to solve the problem this time.

Help yourself with advance thinking of Plan B. Support your energy with meditation like yoga etc.

You will experience positivity in you which will always support you in betterment of life.

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