1.       Check on your daily habits- list down all your daily activities on the paper. Put the status on the activities – like still doing it or missing it now. Listing down the activities will also help you understand your priorities, time consumptions in unwanted tasks, unhealthy habits/ activities etc. you are following.
Remember! Write it down than thinking of it in your mind.

2.     Take breaks- Follow the 120-15-120 minutes structure while working. Take 15 mins break after working for 2 hrs in one go. This break can involve- watching laughter shows, funny videos etc. this will help you to keep your worry/ stress aside and can make you feel fresh. Boost your energy to focus more on work. OR 15-minute Walk- Move away from your work desk and get walk. Let the tasks hold for some-time. That’s Ok!! You can always have combination of above two 😊 😊.

3.      Keep Easy tasks list Handy– When you are feeling tired, bored- check on your pending easy tasks. This may include- checking your mails, occasional wishing messages, any DTP work, reorganising your data, pending calls etc. Completing multiple small easy tasks can make you feel calm and also can help to bring back your focus on work.

4.     Self-care- One of the most important factor which should be avoided and to be kept on high priorities.
a.     Stay hydrated- dehydration can make you feel restless resulting in making it difficult for you to concentrate on your work. Make sure you are drinking ample amount of water throughout your day.
b.     Get your playlist- soothing, warm music can also help you reset your mood.

5.     Time for Sleep– Lack of proper night sleep can make you feel tired and exhausted. Make sure you are having good sleep at night. Body needs to get proper rest to have fresh start next day.

6.     Mediation- Mostly mental, emotional and physical energy is wasted through worry & stress. Take out min 5 mins to max 15 mins time for meditation based on your choice. Mediation will help you stay calm mentally and physically. Clearing your thoughts to be focused on desired things.

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